Even with Managed WordPress Hosting, End-Users Must be Proactive About Security

It is rare to go a day without hearing about a vulnerability impacting a certain WordPress plugin or theme. Most recently, vulnerabilities targeting WordPress thumbnailing plugin TimThumb, SEO plugin All in One SEO, and MailPoet, the newsletter plugin with more than 1.7 million downloads, have been exposed, leaving users and their web hosts scrambling to update to patched versions.


Cerb is a fast and flexible web-based platform for business collaboration and automation.


Want to learn more? Here are a few more details about it:

Remember anything about anyone, collaborate from anywhere, deftly reply to a flood of email, automate workflow, build shared workspaces, stay informed, capture feedback, track time, flag opportunities, manage tasks, share expert knowledge, and otherwise execute efficiently.

You can pick up this help desk related script at cerberusweb.com.  It isn’t free, but the on-demand or on-site licenses are pretty affordable for any type of business.

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Positively Contradictory: US Urges Companies Not to Invert but Leaves Tech Companies Seemingly No Choice

It has been hard to miss the news lately about US corporate inversions – the practice of purchasing or merging with a foreign entity and then changing headquarters to save on high US corporate taxes. The topic was the cover of July’s Fortune magazine in an article called “Positively Un-American.”