CodeIgniter Template Library

The CodeIgniter Template Library enables you to organize multiple views into complex, nested sections providing each one with separate data sets, controlling data propagation.


Want to learn more? Here are more details about this script:

These sections can be grouped, iterated and linked with automatic embedding to create a fully functioning, yet modular, page.

This is quick, easy and to the point.  This script makes handling multiple views of code much easier.  You can pick up CodeIgniter Template Library at


Microsoft Azure Hit With Global Outage Earlier This Week

– Microsoft’s cloud computing service, Azure, was hit with a global outage earlier this week causing service disruptions for thousands of customers.

According to GeekWire, the outage, which occurred on Monday, lasted for around five hours and affected 11 out of Microsoft’s 13 regions. Regions not affected include one area in the U.S., US South Central, and Asia Pacific Southeast regions.

A company bulletin sated that the “full service interruption” affected its “Cloud Services, Virtual Machines, Websites, Automation, Service Bus, Backup, Site Recovery, HDInsight, Mobile Services, StorSimple and possible other Azure Services in multiple regions.”

Additionally, on Friday multiple regions, including Japan East, experienced problems with network infrastructure, cloud services, and management portals.

“From as early as 1 August, 2014 to 06:30 UTC on 15 August, 2014 a subset of customers in multiple regions may have experienced that their auto-scaling ability was reduced or disabled,” says Microsoft on its website. “Errors may have included messages regarding the inability to read auto-Scale metrics data. This incident has now been mitigated.”

All services have been restored, though it is still unknown on what caused these outages.


Free Cart

Free Cart Commerce is a full and complete online store for small an middle company SQL is not required, based on flat files.

Here are some of the other features of this script:

Fully Internationalized – Simple translation with a separate file – Automated bulk products upload – Secure download system for digital products. – UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 support – On the fly thumbnails creation. – Custom Shipping: by weight, price – Newsletter system – Simple Integration with Existing Web Site – Coupons and Discount (Coupons can be applied to certain products) – Tax Rates options – Import / Export CSV – Catalog mode – QR Code – The customers can store their shopping cart for a next visit Payment Options – Easy payment gateway setup – Accept credit cards, real time payments. – Checks, Bank Wire. – Gateways include: Paypal, Possible to add more payment methods SEO friendly Search engines are much more at ease with URLs that don’t contain long query strings.


Cloud Computing Will Be Used by 78 Percent of Small Businesses in 2020

The cloud is not only being adopted by small businesses, it is changing the nature of small business, according to a report from Emergent Research and Intuit. By 2020, 78 percent of small businesses will be fully adapted to cloud computing, up from 37 percent in 2014, according to the report, called Small Business Success in the Cloud.

Apple To Begin Storing Chinese Data on China Telecom Servers

(The Hosting News) – Apple has  plans to begin storing its Chinese Worpress hosting data on China Telecom servers, making this the first time the tech giant has stored data in the country.

According to CNet, the decision to keep data in the country will greatly improve the speed of China’s iCloud due to the close proximity of these Linux VPS hosting servers to customers.

“Apple takes user security and privacy very seriously,” said the Cupertino based company. “We have added China Telecom to our list of domain name providers to increase bandwidth and improve performance for our customers in mainland China. All data stored with our website hosting providers is encrypted. China Telecom does not have access to the content.”

This move from Apple comes as a surprise to many, as quite a few technology companies, especially Google, refuse to build Cloud Hosting data centers in China due to its strict censorship and privacy law.